One jewelry which you will love for it’s durability, affordability and resistance to tarnish is stainless steel jewelry. Apart from the above benefits it looks as sleek and elegant as any other precious jewelry like Titanium or finest 925 sterling silver.

A lot of jewelry owners worry that their stainless steel rings or necklaces will start to look dull with frequent use. Although this may be an issue for those want to keep their wholesale fashion jewelry bright and sparkling, there are some ways to bring back the beauty of your rings with the help of simple household items.

However the common conception or belief that after frequent use the stainless steel ring will look dull or faded, can be easily reversed with the help of regular household items keeping the jewelry sparkling like new. We are sure you will love the below tips to clean stainless steel ring and wear it always shining.


Tips to Clean Stainless Steel Ring

1. Purchasing stainless steel cleaners to clean

If you are not comfortable trying home remedies to clean stainless steel ring or jewelry you can opt for purchasing a stainless steel jewelry cleaner. It’s available in most department store or you can purchase it from online shopping store. You can as well ask any jeweler about best available “stainless” steel jewelry cleaner in your area. You can as well use these tips to keep the stainless steel jewelry in good condition.

2. Using dish washing soap and warm water

Take a dish of warm water and pour few drops of mild dish washing liquid, then take a lint free cloth and dip the cloth in water, take out the cloth from water and gently wipe the surface of the jewelry holding it firmly in your hand. You must follow the grain of the “steel” to avoid any probability of scratching the ring while “cleaning”.
Once you complete wiping with the mild dish washing liquid, bring another dish of warm water and dip you jewelry in it to rinse. Finally, before wiping it off with clean and dry cloth you must make sure there are no bubbles or soap residue left on the ring.
3. Cleaning with mild toothpaste and soft toothbrush

If Your stainless steel ring is prepared in an intricate detail and design making it hard to clean, then it’s advisable to use soft brush and mild toothpaste to reach all the grooves and crannies of your jewelry. Make sure to use the soft brush delicately to avoid scratching the ring surface. You must also make sure that the paste you’re using doesn’t contain silica and the water your are washing with is free from chlorine. To avoid water patches after washing, make sure to dry off your jewelry.

You should take extra precaution when applying these home remedies. If you’re unsure, try to clean a small part of your jewelry first in order to see the result it has on your ring before applying it on the rest of the surface. Alternatively you can try these steps on old stainless steel jewelry you may be having before cleaning your new ring or complete collection of stainless steel jewelry.

We strongly recommend you to please take professional advice before implementing above steps if you are not sure.